On the beach

On the beach
by cricketjeff on March 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
In roll the waves from the sea
Rolling toward you and me
Each washes the sand as it goes
Trying to tickle our toes
You’re standing and leaning on me
As we gaze at the swell on the sea

A seagull lets cry from the air
Telling his mate he is there
Back with supplies for their brood
The chicks always want some more food
I’m warm knowing that you are there
Together we’re taking the air

At last there’s a wave with the range
To bring us the feeling so strange
Of sand slipping out from our feet
A tickling subtle and sweet
I too am now feeling quite strange
Could this be the end of my range?

Barefooted we stand on the sand
Tied to the edge of the land
The blue of the sky and the sea
We look at the world that lies free
I wonder if I’ll ever land
From my dreaming of walking on sand

Author notes
trying to make a meter and form that feels like soft waves lapping up and down
a beach