On the beach

On the beach
by cricketjeff on July 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
To lie on the beach in the arms of a lover
And count every star as it shines
A night in her arms with the sky to discover
And read in between all the lines
A kiss on the lips and a hand in your own
The world is all yours but it’s only on loan

A walk on the beach arm in arm with a lady
You’re watching the moon start to rise
You stop for a kiss where the trees are quite shady
And swim for a year in her eyes
Her arms pull you close so her hands can explore
Your arms wrap her up so your hands can do more

A dip off the beach when the dipping is skinny
And nobody there, just you two
And then you can lie feeling giggly and grinny
And knowing just what you can do
The taste of the salt and the cream she was wearing
A game on the beach is a pleasure worth sharing

Then home from the beach for a bath and some drinking
And a hope that the night doesn’t end
A bottle of wine with a chat while I’m thinking
You’re more than a lover, my friend
My night was a dream, will it ever come true
Will I play on a beach for an evening with you