On the Edge of The Irish Sea

On the Edge of The Irish Sea
by cricketjeff on June 5, 2019.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Behind me are the mountains, and the lakes and laughing streams
The scree slopes and the marshes and the grasslands of my dreams.
There are tiny hidden valleys, there are falls that have no name
But the sea that lies before me plays another kind of game.

From the frozen golden sunsets when it’s still as sheets of ice,
To the storms that smash the coastline and make pebbles round and nice,
To the home of seals and dolphins and amazing giant fish,
The seas that kiss this coastline are the source of every wish.

I have walked this beach in Winter lashed by gales with steel sharp teeth
And I’ve lazed here in the Summer, with the warms sands underneath
I’ve found fossils in the Autumn, eaten ice-creams in the Spring,
Morecambe Bay’s the home of wonder and the source of everything.

There’s a ferry that will take you to the wonderland of Man
Where the bikers bring their madness riding faster than they can
Where the train climbs high on Snaefell and you catch another view
Of the mountains that are Ireland lost in mists and cold, dank dew.

Walk around Whitehaven Harbour, when you’re back from “overseas”
Where John Paul Jones’s ship-mates failed to bring us to our knees.
On the coast by England’s lakeland there’d be all that I desire
If you walked the beach beside me and you set my heart on fire!

Author notes
I confirm that Prism is free to publish this piece if selected.