On the edge of the world

On the edge of the world
by cricketjeff on February 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
On the edge of the world,
          where the moonlight lies curled,
                and the mornings are open and free,
There stars by the pound
          and the planets are found,
                  under curtains nobody can see.
Where the oceans all meet
          there’s a shop on the street,
                  where the gods buy their treats for the night
When they fill up the sky
          with the fairies that fly
                    to bring us all dreams of delight
A strange sort of place
          where the cut of your face
                    is the passport to fortune and fame
It’s the home of the dark
            and the magical spark
                    that gives vigour and vim to the game
So settle with me
            on our beach by the sea
                    where the sand tickles under your toes
And we’ll surely stay
            for a year and a day
                    making love like nobody else knows