On the Subject of Egg White in a Post Modern Society

“On the Subject of Egg White in a Post Modern Society”
by cricketjeff on March 7, 2019.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I wrote an essay as you asked
Then snapped the page in two
The paper printed half of it
But didn’t read it through
I put it on my Facebook page
Now I can’t read the screen
And writing this I’m in a rage
My words cannot be seen
I commented so many times
On poems far and wide
“This verse is full of dreadful crimes”
“The poet clearly lied”
“Why would you write in type so small
It’s really hard to read”
“The greatest poem about a ball
This much is guaranteed”
“Why Jack and Jill? Not Bert and Joan
It makes no sense to me”
“I’m really not a one to moan
But this ain’t poetry”
The person I encountered third
Spoke only ancient Greek
To write it thus would be absurd
And take me half the week.
I did more comments, short and loud
The air was turning blue
I doubt my Mother would be proud
Most words I used were “new”
But now it’s time for tea and toast
So I shall head away
And hope all readers are engrossed
In all I’ve had to say!

Author notes

Write a 4000 page essay about egg-whites and send it to your local newspaper.
If they publish it, take a snapshot of it and post it on your Facebook page.
Link to the post in your author’s notes, then write a poem about the entire
experience speaking in the third person. Comment on at least 49 other poems.

All rules followed to the letter! (not to the word just to the letters that the
words contained)