On the train, and off it.

On the train, and off it.
by cricketjeff on December 30, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
You looked at me as we sat on the train
I’d seen you before, now I looked once again
You smiled as you looked and I looked back and smiled
You were tastefully dressed, made-up and hair-styled
We stood at the station so we could alight
I thought we would each melt away in the night
But as we were standing you captured my hand
And now you’d a look that all men understand
We stepped to the platform, we turned face to face
We lost all our senses of time and of place
Your lips met my lips with a tender caress
And nothing was left of my working day stress
Our kissing continued, the train pulled away
No thought we should hurry to get home today
Passengers passed us, to left and to right
Hurrying off to their homes for the night
But all of our thoughts were consumed in that kiss
And the thought of a lifetime devoted to bliss…
Author notes
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4. Picture prompt…”A Kiss Like No Other”…

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