On Watching Graham Swann at Edgbaston

On Watching Graham Swann at Edgbaston
by cricketjeff on August 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Magnificent bowling with passion and pace
Provides an excitement that’s hard to replace
But give me a spinner who gives it a tweak
I’m glued to the action unable to speak

When batting looks easy and scoring is fast
You cheer at your heroes and watch for the blast
But study in silence so nothing is missed
When watching a spinner who gives it a twist

At pace there is fire and a batsman takes care
Avoiding a bouncer that’s parting his hair
But when things are slower and spin is involved
The puzzles are tougher and seldom resolved

With clouds hanging low and close, heavy feel
The pacemen swing seamers like dancing a reel
But bring out the sun on a dry dusty track
And leg-breaks and off-breaks will lead the attack

I love to watch cricket with batsmen on top
A knight wields a sword and you swear he won’t stop
But cricket is Cricket, a capital C
When spinners turn prose into sweet poetry

I’ve Laker and Warney and Lock on my mind
O’Reilly and Grimmett the best you can find
I’d die to watch Bradman and Hobbs at their best
But give me my spinners and I’m at the test!