by cricketjeff on October 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Once, when the world was a different place
Long before moonbeams were talking of you
I saw a girl with the prettiest face
The sweetest young angel that I ever knew

Once when much younger I followed my heart
After a wiggle that whispered my name
And now silver moonlight has shown me that art
Can only be found when your heart is aflame

Once there were others too many to count
Then there was you and they faded away
Yours is a magic they cannot surmount
Waiting as moonlight turns night into day

You are my angel so pretty and fair
Yours is the wiggle that set me alight
Gone are the others no love left to share
Once I was yours I bid heartache good night

Author notes
I think I rather lost this, not sure.

I may redo the second half I think it turned into a different and lesser poem
than was in my head when I started.