One Friday Night

One Friday Night
by cricketjeff on March 15, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
‘ Was walking home on Friday night
Out side a beer or two
I saw a most amazing sight
That you may misconstrue
A little man all dressed in green
Descended from a strange machine

The road was dark that Friday night
I’d had a beer or three
And as I passed the building site
He turned to look at me
The little man had ears that spun
And in one hand he held a gun

I wasn’t scared that Friday night
Buoyed by a beer or four
So through my somewhat fuzzied sight
I thought I would ignore
The flashing words that filled his eyes
A neon sign in weird disguise

There was no Moon that Friday night
To see my beer or five
But I could see he’d changed the site
I’d soon be not alive
I guessed that he had hatched a plan
To probe and scan my inner man

Would I survive that Friday night
Me and my beer or six
The aliens around the site
May soon get up to tricks
The leader waved and came to talk
He used a bouncy spaceman walk

I looked at him that Friday night
Helped by a beer or seven
His stripy nose was quite a sight
The only one in Devon
I’m sure I understood each word
Though you may think that thought absurd

Then on that lonely Friday night
With just a beer or eight
A friend of mine came into site
He’d share my dreadful fate
But he was not a man for fear
He offered all of us more beer

And now we meet each Friday night
To share a beer or nine
The aliens (from planet Syte)
Agree that beer’s divine
I don’t drink beer to seek release
I’m drinking for galactic peace!

Author notes
It’s TRUE!!!