One kiss at night

One kiss at night
by cricketjeff on July 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Just sit there, oh so quietly, and listen to the sigh
The moon and stars are gasping at the scene
There isn’t any motion from the planets in the sky
Celestially the night is quite serene

The leaves don’t rustle noisily, the blackbird holds his beak
A hedgehog passes by on tippy toe
The frog has stopped slug hunting and he’s too in awe to speak
The blue tits in the nest box have to know

The goldfish waits expectantly, the moths ignore the light
A tawny owl has landed on the tree
I’ve never seen another one to match this silent night
The whole of life awaiting you and me

We’ve wasted all the evening in a mess of idle talk
We’ve pushed the boat towards both that and this
An air of expectation fell as we set out to walk
And silence now surrounds us as we kiss

Inside my mind explosions of the most erotic kind
My lips are locked on yours, we’ll never part
I’ve left the SS Solitude adrift, and far behind
And let you be the pilot for my heart