One neighbour is a psychopath

One neighbour is a psychopath
by cricketjeff on December 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
One neighbour is a psychopath his only aim’s to kill
That’s not the best beginning to this season of good will
You may not understand this so perhaps I should explain
He really is a psychopath, I’ll just say that again.

It seems today he saw his car was covered up in snow
And thought that boiling water was the way to make snow go
He poured it on the windscreen on the windows and the door
But after snow has melted where will all the water pour?

The snow along the pavement was compressed and fairly thick
Without a dose of water it was really rather slick
I know I’m just a numbskull thinking walking home’s OK
But to carry home your shopping is there any better way?

Now milk is on the pavement making everything much worse
And I am cold and soggy and I’m learning how to curse
I’ve bought more milk and biscuits and I’m not in too much pain
But one neighbour is a psychopath I must say that again!!!