One of those days

One of those days
by cricketjeff on October 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Unfolding on the bed, she smiles –
  Temptation to the toes.
Her waterfall of hair beguiles –
  I kiss her on the nose.
A little laughter breaks the spell,
I think I’ve tempted her as well.

A bottom followed up the stair
  Can sing of happy days
And when it joins you on a chair
  You think of other plays.
An arm around her waist, a kiss,
Returned before, “enough of this.”

The way her lips caress the food,
  She watches me and eats.
Each mouthful savoured as it’s chewed
  Her eyes the promised sweets.
Dessert though isn’t on the way,
Another course, another day.

She laughs, we shop, her fingers squeeze
  They’re off to find the price;
Another move designed to tease,
  “Oh look, that’s rather nice”
Those boots, that coat but NOT the shorts;
I guess that is a dress of sorts …

It’s time to go, the afternoon
  Is nearly half consumed,
My daydreams will be over soon
  Or that’s what I’ve assumed,
But then I find the perfect gift
Which gives today a special lift.

It’s back to work, there’s things to fix
  But first a fond embrace,
My heart’s performing circus tricks
  As pulses start to race.
“No time for that” we have to go
Her words are like a mortal blow.

How long can goodbye kisses last,
  How long can hugs be held,
Too soon those thoughts are in the past,
  The moment is dispelled.
Such teasing days are hard to find
Unless you live them in your mind …