One special day

One special day
by cricketjeff on June 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
On the day that we danced to the song of the birds in the trees
And the Sun had its run of the sky that was perfectly blue.
I found love in the air when you said that you wanted to please
On my day in the Sun I had plenty of fun loving you

On the night that we sang to the bats as they danced in the sky
And the Moon ran its course through the stars that shone bright up above
I found you were the one that put light in the dark of my eye
On my night with the moon I found you and got lost in our love

Though we don’t have to dance for the birds in the trees any more
Now our love has matured like the wine that we bought for this day
I still sang the same song as I carried you in through the door
And was never so pleased as I was by the words you could say

Just two words and our names in the book as I gave you the ring
We are home on our own and our hearts have just started to sing

Author notes
Any thoughts? Playing with sounds again, a ternary sonnet perhaps