One special night

One special night
by cricketjeff on December 8, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
On my bed her hands are tied
Blindfolded eyes so I can hide
Legs with ropes are spread so wide
And I am free to play

Kisses rained upon her thighs
Nibbles, licks and bites surprise
I listen to her little cries
As I freely play

Armpits tickles one by one
Nipples nibbled just for fun
She wants release, I’ve just begun
And I aim to play

Lips are parted soft and slow
Mewling as I softly blow
What comes next she wants to know
In this little play

Brush myself across her face
Apply my lips to every place
Tongue performs erotic chase
As I get to play

Kisses softly on her mound
Harder as the target’s found
Now I’m feeling all around
Her body loves this play

More she begs as lips are sucked
Pleasure from her body plucked
I think she hopes she will get Fxxxxx Entertained
As I progress this play

Now I start to tease her clit
Up it stands so fighting fit
She moans as it is gently bit
I will prolong this play

Kissing, teasing all her skin
Tongue now dipping deep within
The peak she seeks can now begin
She wants to feel me play

Teasing all the parts she hides
Front and back and deep insides
The places where she often rides
In other sorts of play

Fingers join the oral dance
As at her face I steal a glance
So I can tell what will enhance
This special sort of play

Deep within a spot I tease
A spot I know is sure to please
Her passion rises ten degrees
At this sort of play

Now she swears and calls and groans
Louder, stronger, harder moans
She sings my name in strangled tones
She tries to end my play

And all at once explosion rips
She squirts from in between her lips
And clenches on my finger tips
Where they are still in play

Breathing hard and fast and deep
She climbed the mountain oh so steep
Does she want love or food or sleep
To polish off my play

Untied, released and in my arms
I’ve so enjoyed her boundless charms
I’ll hold her ’til she slowly calms
Recovers from my play

I sweep her off to treat her fine
With gourmet food and sparkling wine
Did she enjoy this dream of mine
I hope that she will say

Author notes
What more can I say?