Our Goddess of Love

Our Goddess of Love
by cricketjeff on April 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Shyly peaking through her curtains is a beauty of the night,
Spreading love and soft romancing she’s a permanent delight.
She adds magic to each moment that I spend out here with you,
Dancing moonbeams making highlights of the little things you do.
On a Moonlit night in Autumn she brought love into my arms,
When she lit your hair with silver adding lustre to your charms.
Then you kissed me oh so lightly, while the Moon danced in your eyes,
And I wallowed in the moonlight drinking in your softest sighs.
When we walked a Winter evening she was setting out the way
And you cuddled ever closer while you licked your lips in play.
In the mischief of the moonlight I responded with a will
And the fun that frolic brought us is inside my laughter still.
In the small hours in the springtime there were moonbeams in your smile,
As we waltzed across the parkland and you lured my with your guile.
First my fingers danced across you leading lips to find their path 
To a soft romantic moment and a harder aftermath.
On a sultry night in Summer when her reign was sadly short,
We were talking in the moonlight on the bench beside the court.
There your tennis skirt departed and the Moon could plainly see
That she’d spawned a pair of lovers as you gave yourself to me.
She’s a lady made of magic spreading love throughout the air
And her travels take her message to all lovers everywhere,
For when she is bright above us there’s a truth that I can see;
The Moon must be a  goddess and she’s given you to me.
Author notes
I know I know another romantic Moon poem, but it was the prompt!!!

image by Peter Visontay