Our hideaway

Our hideaway
by cricketjeff on May 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When I find a little hideaway
Where you and I can meet
And it’s only a short ride away
The thought is rather sweet

I would hide inside my hideaway
And write to you in rhyme
That my tears had all been cried away
In that far distant time

When we met inside our hideaway
And laughed about the World
Of the others who had lied away
Of the truths that we’d unfurled

There’s no troubles in our hideaway
Just drop them at the door
All the difficulties died away
We found ourselves once more

No-one else can find our hideaway
It is only known to us
For the prying eyes all shied away
They didn’t make a fuss

When we’re held within our hideaway
Secure within its walls
Its protection can’t be pried away
Safe from anyone who calls

Deep inside me is this hideaway
The you I hold is too
Real love can’t be denied away
I’m locked inside with you