Outside the box

Outside the box
by cricketjeff on November 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The regimented orthodox
Demand I write outside the box.
Such arrogance to think that they can know.
They seem to say, in sad cliché,
They’ve heard my thoughts before today
And now dismiss the poetry on show.

I know no frame that should constrain
An agile poet’s restless brain;
I’ll write my lines ignoring their concern.
There’s still so much that can be said
On subjects they consider dead,
Perhaps one day they’ll see the World and learn.

The addle-headed modernist
Is always free, he will insist,
His anarchy is just a set of rules.
Convention suits me very well
So box-destroyers go to hell.
You’re just another set of bloody fools!

Author notes
I just HATE being told to write outside the box