Overcoming grief

Overcoming grief
by cricketjeff on April 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The night he died you came to me
And gently kissed me on my lips
As I just lay in misery
You slipped yourself across my hips
Then kissed the tears that left my eyes
And gently you made love to me
It did not seem a great surprise
You slowly woke my memory
There was no lust just love so true
I held you close and thought of life
Of love for him and love for you
My Grandfather and you my wife

When I thought of him next day
My thoughts were of the man I knew
Your love had washed the tears away
I placed him where I needed to
I’m sad he’s gone, so long ago
But when I think of him I smile
The Grandfather I used to know
You helped me find in proper style
I’ll never think of him as pain
The man who died so old and frail
I keep him as he was again
A memory that’s never stale

Author notes
I thought of my Grandfather, and remembered the night he died.