Partnership Waltz

Partnership Waltz
by cricketjeff on January 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When we danced to the lilt of a Viennese waltz
And the room spun around us all night
We were blind to the problems and all of the faults
We were dazzled by Strauss’s delight

When you held me forever and kissed in the dips
As the rhythms wrapped close to our hearts
I learn about love in the taste of your lips
And the spell of the musician’s arts

We were lost to the past and were born to the new
When the violins started to play
There were wings on your feet and I’m sure that we flew
Until dawn brought an end with the day

Now when we are alone we abandon the years
When a waltz floats around in the air
There is nothing in life that can drive me to tears
If my only dance partner is there