by cricketjeff on March 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
She sat waiting by the phone to hear him call
Just like he had said he would the night they met
Now she wonders if he’ll ever call at all
After three days staying home she’s bound to fret

He’s out drinking with his mates without a care
Not a thought about the promises he made
He was young and thought that there were girls to spare
Breaking hearts is just a game he’s always played

Then one night he saw a girl who won his heart
She was tall with golden hair and such mystique
When the evening reached its end they had to part
But she promised she would ring him in the week

Now he’s waiting by the phone to hear her call
Doesn’t know she’ll never ring the fool at all!

Author notes
11 syllable termeter sonnet, I think it’s a nice sounding meter