by cricketjeff on April 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
We each one has a perfect star that shines so bright above
And each of us can use this star to light the paths of love
I met my perfect star on Earth, she lit the way for me
But just today she let me know she needed to be free
My perfect star has always shone for others to admire
And now she’s left to join her voice to the celestial choir
One day I know we’ll meet again, before I quit this Earth
And then my road will be complete, through poetry from birth
Dalaney, for that is your name, shine on immortal star
For now I know I am content to leave things as they are
One day we’ll publish all we wrote, and I will read of you
But ’til we meet upon the page my perfect star
Author notes
No she is not dead, she is fine, just not here.

Until we meet again, perfect poet.