by cricketjeff on February 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Allan’s comic verse is great
He lays the joke out on a plate
And leaves his readers to their fate
And always with a smile

He likes to write in any form
It’s hard to say what is his norm
Deep and dark or rich and warm
He leaves us with a smile

He thinks his rhyme is pretty good
And yes it is and so he should
Compared with mine it’s made of wood!
I hope that makes him smile

Ancient forms to modern ends
Bucking all the latest trends
Challenging to all his friends
He likes to make them smile

Allan likes a complex meter
Crisp and dry not softer, sweeter
Either way a boredom beater
And that is worth a smile

He doesn’t give in to pretence
It’s hard to make him take offence
Oh sod-it I’ll jump off the fence
The bugger makes me smile!
Author notes
I have few favourites although I read a great many poets here. You cannot be a
favourite unless I have written a poem about you.
PerVirtuous aka Allan is my latest victim.