Pete and the elf

Pete and the elf
by cricketjeff on October 17, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Melvin’s baby brother Pete
Likes to tease the elf
The elf’s the only one he knows
Smaller than himself!

The elf’s a naughty little chap
He likes teasing Pete
Pete’s the only dragon he knows
Small enough to eat!

Teasing each other is quite fun
But they’ve another game
Causing lots of mayhem
And getting Melvin the blame

When Martha’s there they’re sweet and good
It’s just the way they play
But if she’s not about they feel they should
Have a Melvin torture day

A magic elf and a firebreathing brother
Don’t make for peaceful times
But as Melvin was heard to say to his mother
At least it keeps me in these rhymes!