Picnic for two.

Picnic for two.
by cricketjeff on July 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The sun pours through the windows and it makes the kitchen smile
With strawberries and cream and lemonade
A tall glass jug is glinting, you will see it in a while
As you sit to eat the picnic I have made
Beneath our tree I’ve spread a rug, we’ll laze in dappled shade
And eat our fill of tasty summer snacks
We’ll listen to the sweetest tunes that any band has played
Then set about relaxing on our backs

The birds will sing so happily, and hope we leave some crumbs
While we just smile and listen to their song
Then holding hands and chatting like the best of teenage chums
We’ll wait until the evening comes along
The lemonade has long since gone, so now we drink white wine
The air is getting cooler all the time
As sunset is approaching I am hoping for a sign
That loving you tonight is not a crime

The Queen of all the fairies must be sitting on her throne
And granting me the wish to own my dream
You lean across and kiss me and you take the final scone
We share it with a little jam and cream
We’re lying so much closer as we both begin to kiss
The moon and stars start shining from above
A pleasant summer picnic swiftly turns to scene of bliss
And I find that you and I are now in love