Pleasant pets for a pleasing person

Pleasant pets for a pleasing person
by cricketjeff on September 30, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I think I’ll have a hippo
‘Cause they’re such a lot of fun
And if I ask it nicely
It may eat up everyone!
Or I could have a rhino
‘Cause it’s tougher than a tank
I’d get it very angry
Then point it at Uncle Frank
Or maybe just a tiger
‘Cause they wear a good disguise
And I’d let it eat Aunt Agatha
She loves a good surprise
Or perhaps a load of Chimpanzees
‘Cause they’re just the same as us
And I’d take them up to town one day
To clear those animals off the bus!
I could always take a crocodile
‘Cause I like its friendly grin
And I’d ask around my cousins
And I’d always let them in…
Or maybe I would have the snakes
‘Cause they’re friendly, kind and true
And if you don’t get out my way
I’ll set the lot on you!
Author notes
This could have got to be a very long poem but I may need to kill some
relatives for another poem in the future so I thought I better stop.