Poets apart

Poets apart
by cricketjeff on June 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I bask in the glow of the warm summer weather
Half closing my eyes as I dream of my love
My spirit takes wing I’m as light as a feather
I soar like an albatross high up above
The sky is so blue and my cheeks have turned rosy
I should have put sunscreen all over my face
The insects are buzzing a bee gets too nosey
And life is exploding all over the place
While far across oceans my love’s also dreaming
She sits and she contemplates poets at play
Whatever she’s doing her brain will be teeming
With ideas for poems to brighten my day
Now in from the heat to find cider for sipping
There’s nothing that’s better to drink in the Sun
Then off for a shower where water is dripping
But sharing a bath would be rather more fun!