Preparations -a sonnet-

Preparations (a sonnet)
by cricketjeff on April 28, 2018.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
She’s lying in the garden, “catching rays”,
With bottles full of lotions, tubes of creams
Her book unread while lazy music plays
And sunny days are made for chasing dreams.

For months the weekends filled with drudgery
She’s cooked and cleaned, caught up with unloved friends
The time has come to set her spirit free
The sun came out so she must make amends.

The holiday is booked, bikinis bought,
The winter’s pallor mustn’t spoil the scene.
No need to waste the day with too much thought
She’s turning brown stretched out across the green.

On sun bleached sand it simply can’t be right
To let the World see anything too white!

Author notes
For no reason whatsoever