Preparing for Halloween

Preparing for Halloween
by cricketjeff on October 7, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I think I’ll make some sweets for trick-or-treaters
And weave contrasting fortunes through the theme;
So all the little Paulas, Pams and Peters
Can show their doting parents how they scream.

For one in ten the treats will be delicious,
The finest chocolates I know how to make.
The other nine may find life less propitious
And learn that annual begging’s a mistake.

With arsenic and cyanide as flavours
And broken glass to add an extra crunch
My offerings will be the deadly savours
Of many little darlings’ final lunch

Now off to sort through all my baking stores
Perhaps you know where I’d get anthrax spores …

Author notes
Trying to write out my demons, but it seems even sonnets can turn dark