Professing Their Love

Professing Their Love
by cricketjeff on May 12, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When Percival Prendergast paused by the pond
Composing some prose on a tripinnate frond
He thought that he saw by the cold water’s edge
A wonderful clump of a rather rare sedge
Professor Pam Paddle then popped up to say
The students he’d sent her had melted away
It seems they were bored by the sex-life of hops
And put down their books and set off for the shops

Poor Percival wept when he heard that his class
Thought more about fashion than species of grass
He couldn’t believe an intelligent mind
Would willingly leave education behind
Pam Paddle was sad to see Percy distressed
And pressed his damp cheeks to her feminine chest
Where soon he stopped sobbing and felt something new
That maybe those students were not without clue

For Percival Prendergast life was now sweet
He thought more of Pam than of cowslips or wheat
That summer they walked through the meadows of life
And by a rare orchid he said “Be my wife”
They made their “I do”s In the shade of a tree
And spent that first night like an orchid and bee
So now there’s two Prendergasts teaching in school
All thanks to that day when the class played the fool