Promises promises

Promises promises
by cricketjeff on September 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The moment that you splutter out “I do”
You’re not aware of promises you’ve made
The tortures those two words can put you though
Would see all newly wedded fools dismayed

His Uncle George may drop around for tea
With slides of trees to fill five hellish hours
Her Aunty Mave will ask you round to see
Her scraggly beds of uninspiring flowers

You’re there to push her car until it starts
To tell him that his jokes have split your sides
You’re going to eat her horrible jam tarts
He’ll take you on those dreary Harley rides

It’s not a simple questions as it seems
And nightmares are another word for dreams!

Author notes
Please remember poems don’t have to be documentaries!!!