Putting it right

Putting it right
by cricketjeff on June 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When the darkness of a storm cloud falls to tatters in the sun
    As a golden ray alights upon a rose
There’s a dance inside your daydreams and a better time’s begun
    And each shining yellow petal almost glows
In the summer in the garden there’s a promise every day
That a passing grey conundrum cannot quite depress away

When a blackbird takes advantage of the unexpected light
    Singing songs to tell his mate that life is sweet
There is love inside the music and there’s beauty in the sight
    As the painting in your mind becomes complete
In the passing rays of sunshine that ignite a summer’s day
There’s an answer to the darkness that can wash your dreams away

When confusion tells you something that you know must not be true
    And you doubt that you’ve the strength to wonder why
All it takes is gentle birdsong or a sun embroidered view
    To reveal beyond the clouds a perfect sky
If your mind is in midwinter but outside’s a summer’s day
Take a walk around a garden and your blues will die away