by cricketjeff on July 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Can we curl up in a chair and read a book,
Take two straws and share a drink that’s thick and pink,
Grab an album from the shelf and have a look,
Or maybe we could sit and have a think?

Can we walk along the beach and fly a kite,
Run together getting wet before the tide,
Find a pool that’s full of life and love the sight,
Wander homeward arm in arm and side by side?

Can we climb upon a hill and try to fly,
With our arms in place of wings to catch the breeze,
Then tumble as we stretch to touch the sky,
Roll around on heather beds and feel at ease?

Can we row along a river full of boats,
Making waves and lots of splashes on the way,
Racing ducks and dodging everything that floats,
Find a pub that’s got a room where we can stay?

Can we keep on playing such a lover’s game,
As we learn the way we like to rub along?
I just hope we’ll never think we need to blame,
Never try to say “Goodbye! you’ve done me wrong”