Quite a first date!

Quite a first date!
by cricketjeff on December 22, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Luscious lady, on the shelf?
I think I’ll grab you for myself.
Spin you round to get a look
See the sort of girl I took.
It’s too bad that you’re still dressed
Mmmmmmmmmmm, now your naked I’m impressed!
Show your body, front and back
Try to cause a heart attack!
Pull you down into my arms
Kiss your lips, caress your charms!
Part your lips, upstairs and down
With tongue and fingers you won’t frown
Let your hands, undo my clothes
I’m pretty sure we won’t need those!
Hard and fast we’ll love right here
You’ll be first though, never fear
When you’re screaming out for more
It’s my turn out on the floor!
You can ride me hard and fast
Then you know we’ll have a blast
It’s time to go before I do
What number do I call for you?
Author notes
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