Red Nosed Cakes

Red Nosed Cakes
by cricketjeff on March 17, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

What everyone knows is
That cakes with red noses
Are sweeter
So eat a
Red nosed cake today

If you’re on a diet
You just have to try it
They’re slimmer
Than grimmer
Faced cakes any day

Before you can try one
You will have to buy one
I tell yer
I’ll sell yer
A cracker today

Just make a donation
Without reservation
No set price
But they’re nice
So pay lots today

There’s also a raffle
So someone can snaffle
The large sized
Not barge sized
Cakes seen here today

I won’t think you’re greedy
Just helping the needy
If you eat
What two eat
On some other day

They look rather funny
I hope they raise money
And after
The laughter
Help someone today

Author notes
There are now 2 small cakes left (been on sale 45 mins) and the two large cakes
are being raffled, £50 raised so far

Go to for details of why I’m doing it.