Reflections on the future

Reflections on the future
by cricketjeff on August 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The mirror of the elves can show the world
Reflections of the future and the past,
Strange images of scenes still tightly furled,
That may not be resolved ’til dice are cast.

If you should turn aside to change the scene,
Beware that what you feared may come to be.
You cannot always know what futures mean
Or trust those things the mirror lets you see.

The wisest see the choices they must make;
Forewarned they have the time to think things through.
When paths divide they’ll know the way to take
To find the doom they know they must pursue.

Have you the wisdom that the elves demand,
Before the mirror acts on your command?

Author notes
Those who know and love the Lord of the Rings can pour scorn on me for over-
simplifying things [Posts%20by%20cricketjeff%203_files/happy.gif] but Tolkein
had a whole chapter whereas I have the fourteen lines of a Shakespearian