by cricketjeff on February 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I close my eyes, and breathe deep. There is nothing like the scent, the
sensation, of hot water tumbling pell mell into a bath, my bath, on a cold
winter’s night. The rushing sounds, the waves of hot wet air and that
indescribable smell. Expectation rises, as, slowly I strip off and turn off the
taps. Testing the water, far too hot as yet; reluctantly I add some cold, as
little as I dare and in goes the first foot — “ah ah ah ah ah ” — TOO
HOT!!! But no, persevering, half dancing the heat away as its partner joins it
and, fearfully, you sit, then lie, emitting those pained gasps as the heat hits
home. “Aaaaaah”. Endorphins rush and relaxation grabs you forcibly, and, quite
unbidden your toes find the hot tap to add that little bit more.

Lying back, eyes closed, the world vanishes. You are alone, in a sea of
delicious sensation. Bubbles brush you on your shoulders and legs where they
break the water, and dreams can start. Words pour into my mind, stumbling,
bumbling, fumbling, humbling words, competing and retreating, advancing and
entrancing, fighting to fit into ideas, to make nonsensical sense out of
nothing at all, they tease me. Pleasure drips and time dies, you and you and
you walk into my head, stay awhile and metamorphose into strange and wonderful
avatars for existence. From time to time my toes decide to add to the heat, but
eventually, and far too soon, the water cools, my feet and hands are impossibly
wrinkled, and the dreams are done. the water runs away. And I lie, satisfied
under a soft and warm towel, unwilling to move, unwilling to acknowledge that
life must go on.

At last some part of the cacophony that filled my head demands attention and,
pulling my laptop, or a pad of slightly damp paper into place I condense
internal magic into a few simple lines, and sleep awhile. My time is over, I
must return, refreshed and reawakened, just in time for bed!