Remembered sounds

Remembered sounds
by cricketjeff on March 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I hear the sounds from many miles away
Soft echoes of the voices of the deep
The tides that match the rhythms of my sleep
Are calling me to visit you today

Inside my head I hear the seagulls play
And smile as breakers stir my idle mind
The tide recedes and leaves a world to find
Where you and I can shelter in the bay

The chatter of the pebbles on the beach
As grinding waves bring polish to the stones
And breezes carry home the ghostly moans
Of souls who found the shore was out of reach

I’m on the pier and stood as if to preach
But all the words are spoken by the sea
She bring the news of all the world to me
Where I await the lessons she can teach

The laughter spun on other distant shores
Where those I’ll never know can hear her too
I strain the sounds to hear the news of you
Unhidden by the ocean’s tragic roars

Now wide awake the sounds are but a pause
My life returns and calls me to its aid
But deep inside a debt that must be paid
For memories of you the sea restores

Author notes
The sea awoke at midnight from its sleep,
And round the pebbly beaches far and wide
I heard the first wave of the rising tide

Excerpt from The Sound of the Sea – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1807-1882