by cricketjeff on March 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
To live without a rhyme must be a crime
Whatever would I do I have no clue
You will forgo a time with verse sublime
Not ever could I too a rhyme eschew

No sonnet will again relieve your pain
I know that rhyme for me is always free
Though you may now refrain rhyme keeps me sane
My heart could not to free verse ever flee

So with your choice I pray you will not stay
Give up without a curse that is perverse
No reason you can’t play with rhyme one day
Live on and still rehearse with your free verse

Why would you not repent now I have sent
My hope that I may dent your new intent

Author notes
OK if you are giving up rhyme I thought you should have a few to go out with, I
make that 42 rhymes in one sonnet!