Rodents in the Round

Rodents in the Round
by cricketjeff on June 24, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
A high speed hamster in a ball
Is playing billiards in the hall
She’s smashes into all the doors
And rolls across all sorts of floors
The rumble crashing game she plays
Can end in one of several ways

The bouncy hairy beast delights
In getting out to see the sights
She finds a corner where it’s dark
And then she’s off to have a lark
We’ve never seen her slip the lid
But had to find her once she’s hid

On other days we’re driven mad
By all the noisy fun she’s had
And every time you move a foot
A hamster’s where you want it put
Until you cannot hear a peep
And find she’s fallen fast asleep!