Romantic Dreams

Romantic Dreams
by cricketjeff on July 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She dreams of a lover, who’ll sing of his love,
In a sonnet he’s written for her,
That rivals the song of a lark up above
Or a cat’s postprandial purr.

She wishes his charger was waiting outside,
That his armour was clanking within.
Then she dreams that two will go off for a ride
And the rest of her life can begin.

Or maybe a doctor, of lyrical bent,
Composing to her as he heals.
With every prescription an aubade is sent,
That tells of the way that he feels.

A fireman who ripples and laughs as she sighs
And rushes to do all he must.
Then home every evening to love in her eyes
And a promise of nights full of lust.

Her misty eyes filling with love for a man
Who’ll take her and love her for life.
She truly loves Michael and knows of his plan
But really; an auditor’s wife???