Seventy Years Ago

Seventy Years Ago
by cricketjeff on September 8, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
There was dread of Coventration
All across this ancient nation
In the streets of Hull and Liverpool and Bath
German bombers rained destruction
On the means of war production
And civilians faced the awful aftermath

There were brave men manning fighters
Who were sworn to “beat the blighters”
Drinking tea and reading books they sat in wait
With the planes fuelled on dispersals
After far too few rehearsals
They were just enough to save that parlous state

Many months of nightly terror
Filled that ghastly global error
Many other lands would suffer in their turn
And we still see young men fighting
Claiming battles are exciting
It appears to be the case we’ll never learn

Author notes
The seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the start of the Blitz.