Sipping the Past

Sipping the Past
by cricketjeff on November 6, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
In a half-forgotten corner of a life-corroded mind,
There are deeply hidden daydreams that a heart may chance to find;
You may hear a snatch of music, smell a rose or see the sea,
And your soul escapes its prison to a field of poetry.
Teased by gentle summer breezes as an evening turns to night,
While the scenes that were around you fill with soft romantic light,
Sounds of laughter wash across you and you smell remembered scents
Of a garden full of promise and the hope it represents.
In this once familiar setting stress and sadness seeps away,
Till you recognise the stranger that the world knew yesterday
And beside you at the table is the girl you grew to love
Blessed by rains of silver Moonbeams from the crescent high above;
When you reach across to touch her and your fingers intertwine
You will know you’ve tasted magic as the Moon pours out white wine.

Author notes
It seems a lifetime ago that I wrote a poem called The_Moon_Pours_White_Wine
which spawned a prequel and two sequels collected together as Four_Glasses_of
Since then my life has been a rather bumpy road this is a conscious look back
at happier times.
To those that I love and to those that miss me I shall be back!