Some Family Wishes

Some Family Wishes
by cricketjeff on December 29, 2014.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
An iPhone is on Peter’s list
Which his friends will do well to resist
He’d waste hours Candy Crushing
And many more blushing
At phone calls he’d make when he’s pissed

His sister’s expecting some gems
And roses on long single stems
One thing she has learned
Is there’s much to be earned
If your skirts have the World’s highest hems!

Young Davy has written a plea
For someone to buy him a Wii
So this fat teenage loafer
Can sit on the sofa
And pretend he is learning to ski

Aunt Mary is waiting for Santa
In the hope that he’ll quickly de-pant her
If Saint Nick is wise
He’ll adopt a disguise
And head for the hills at a canter

A lottery win, if you please
Is the top of the list for Denise
Not pootling and small
You know I’ll need it all!
So I can live life at my ease

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” can be heard from the roof
Are the neighbours enacting a spoof?
But Molly says “is it
Santa Clause on a visit
The Mail will pay millions for proof!

Here’s the last of the lists, Uncle Ed
Wants nothing expensive, instead
He’s ardently wishing
The rest all go fishing
And come back tomorrow, stone dead!

Author notes
Each year Santa sends me a few
Of the lists he’s been sent for review.
The best of them rhyme
Filled with lust, greed and crime;
I wonder which one came from you?