Summer Nights

Summer Nights
by cricketjeff on June 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
As summer light condenses into purple summer night,
And ghostly clouds make curtains, hiding moonbeams from my sight.
As dreams replace the story of the book across my knees,
Your fingers knead my shoulders so I settle to my ease.
As eyelids turn from wipers into shades to hide my eyes
And breathing settles softly into gentle loving sighs.
Your words invade my evening as my evening turns to night,
Changing uninvited sadness into promise of delight.

The summer night surrounds me with a cooling breath of air
And I feel you’re here beside me with a bottle we can share.
You breathe love across my temples, drawing closer to my side.
Making sleeping into pleasure that should never be denied.
Now with Morpheus as driver I get carried past the gate
Of the home of golden romance and its passionate estate.
Far away across an ocean you are here inside my mind,
Making dreams become the treasures that all seekers hope to find.