Things to do in London Zoo

Things to do in London Zoo
by cricketjeff on June 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
It’s not yet dark in Regents Park
But closing time has past
We’ve got in free the company
Has booked a zoo repast
What would you do in London Zoo
When everyone’s gone home
There’s lots to see, a mangabey
And lamas love to roam
Well fancy that a tabby cat
Has stopped to take a look
It’s quite absurd that large brown bird
Is called a Johnny Rook
I’ve found the loo in London Zoo
So I can have a pee
Gorillas walk and colleagues talk
While I write poetry
The parrots preen where they’ll be seen
They’re showoffs to a man
A large black hawk emits a squawk
And monkeys hatch a plan
An old emu says “howdedo”
A wallaby hops by
The shelduck quack in this outback
Australians aren’t shy
Just over there a cricket square
Where men at play can shout
The umpires smile and think a while
Then say he wasn’t out
Back in the zoo the barbeque
Is getting up to heat
It’s dinner time an end to rhyme
I want to go and eat!