Thoughts at night

Thoughts at night
by cricketjeff on March 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Alone in the night as I sit on a cloud
And I look at the world fast asleep.
If I had the voice I would sing out aloud
Of my feelings so mixed up and deep.
I should trill like the birds of the love that I feel
And I’d boom like a whale I was sad,
The cacophonous sounds of a wild monkey’s squeal
Would be proof of the pain that I’ve had.
The musical notes of the African night
Would tell that my life has been good
But the final loud roar as I flew out of sight
Would awaken the whole neighbourhood.
For the song that I sing would be all of my thoughts
And my thoughts are all jumbled as one.
I feel on my cloud that I’m quite out of sorts
And somehow I’ve missed all the fun.

Author notes
A stream of consciousness while trying to write a free verse.