To You, To Me, For You, For Me.

To You, To Me, For You, For Me.
by cricketjeff on July 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I wanted to make love to you
On some far distant beach
And sing sweets songs of love to you
When you were out of reach
I longed to give my heart to you
And put yours in its place
I’d give a better start to you
In life’s unfriendly race

If you would give your soul to me
I’d never let it go
You’re classic rock and roll to me
A smash hit West End show
Each night you bring the Moon to me
Dressed up in twinkling charms
A perfect afternoon, to me
Is curled up in your arms

What magic can I do for you
To change the things you see
How can I make them new for you
The way you do for me
If romance has begun for you
I want to be the guy
If I could be the one for you
I’d dance across the sky

The world could be the prize for me
If you were by my side
If you were breathing sighs for me
I’d never need to hide
There’s only one who’s right for me
You’re everything and more
You are the perfect sight for me
The girl that I adore