Too Damned Soon!

Too Damned Soon!
by cricketjeff on November 11, 2015.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
It’s far too early for Christmas verses,
A week’s enough to shop for friends,
These Autumn carols provoke our curses
A once high spirit soon descends.
It started well before September
The jokes worn thin, it’s still November!
The shops have wished our lives away
And I’ve begun to dread the  day
When Santa calls to swig my sherry
To eat mince pies and have a chat
(He wonders why he’s grown so fat!)
When duty calls he will be “Merry”.
He’ll give three “Ho!”s and hit the sky
Restoring hopes from sleigh on high!

Author notes
With enormous thanks to “Black Narcissus” this poem started as a comment on his
piece in the same contest. I’ve revised and I hope de-roughened it a bit.

I’ve never liked calling these sonnets, they lack of anything in the least bit
sonnetty save the line count so I’ll call this an Onegin-Stanza

As many of you who have read my verses over the years will know Santa is a
personal friend of mine, I’ve known him for years and he often drops by to
chat. He tells me he is frankly appalled by Christmas Carols well before
December, he’ll probably ring to complain about this poem!