The age old story

The age old story
by cricketjeff on December 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
She was blind to imperfections,
    and he had a few of those
Just one more of her selections
    he was “her” down to his toes
She would always say she needed
    men with honesty and wit
Her libido never heeded
    when she met another shit

She would laugh about her choices
    and admit she was a fool
Then she’d hear some inner voices
    shouting “never mind that rule,
He is built just where it matters
    and I need him in my bed
Never mind the way he chatters
    I’ll do talking when I’m dead”

I’ve no answers to her questions
    “why do I respond this way”
I could make a few suggestions
    but they’re not what I should say
I’m as guilty as the next man
    can’t resist a pretty face
Don’t think I’m an oversexed man
    but I’d like to win the chase

Darwin spoke of variations
    little changes that appeal
Making small accommodations
    to the way our partners feel
So it can’t be too amazing
    humankind is on the ropes
Both the sexes do their grazing
    in a field that’s full of dopes!