The bastard

The bastard
by cricketjeff on May 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
From deep inside the shadows of a half remembered night
Where the spirits that devour a soul make play
There’s a special kind of darkness that resists the brightest light
Where the soul devouring spirits come to stay

The shadows that live in your mind can hide the darkest fears
And you never know when you will fall inside
These ghosts that come to haunt you will stay with you all your years
You will find that there’s no place that you can hide

You can run as fast as lightning, you can scale the highest peak
Yet the ghosts will be before you every time
There’s no chance for exorcism they don’t hear when people speak
They stole your peace that is their greatest crime

Every time you see your lover they will tell you of her doom
And they’ll keep you from the feelings that you need
They can turn the brightest daylight into deep and stygian gloom
Your tranquility is all they want for feed

The warmth of any summers day turns frosty as they wait
For your happiness to drain away to dust
The clockwork motors of your mind, are now in a dreadful state
All the cogs and springs corroded into rust

And these soul devouring spirits seem to breed in sorrow’s glare
Then they spread themselves to others that you meet
And the darkness and the misery they’ve seeded in the air
Keep on growing ’til their conquest is complete

Now the human race is losing to the demons that it built
And my mind is slowing grinding to a halt
All the pleasures that I used to know are drowning in the silt
And I do not know the bastard who’s at fault